Monday, February 11, 2008

Attn: Mary Lou!

We finally put some new pictures on!!

Abby's New Slippers!

Clay's sporting Abby's new Birthday Slippers !
Unfortunately all of her b-day pictures are on Aunt Sherry's
camera along with the Christmas pictures. Hopefully those will
follow these late breaking updates.

Abby's Christmas Program !

Can you spot Abby?

What A Crew!

You would think that not a single one of
them has a clue what clothes are for!
Its almost all the pictures I get because they are a bunch of streakers.

Clay's Birthday Party!

These are pictures from Clay's birthday Party way back.
Of course that's also my Birthday and The Marine Corp. B-Day!

Abby's Preschool Class

Most of Abby's preschool Class during the holidays!