Monday, April 23, 2007

All is Calm

I am very happy to report that all is calm after Clay finally decided to give it up and take a nap!

Package from Nicole

Today we received a package that Nicole and Dusty sent from N.C.
My poor mailman! He normally walks but no such luck today. The box was so huge he had to drive a his pickup!! Little did I know that the excitement of this would change so quickly!

Within a few minutes of receiving the package Abby was playing with her new purse. She asked me if she could share her nerds with Clay and Of course I said yes and opened the box. Not seconds later she's standing right back in front of me with a bloody nose and proceeds to tell me that she stuck a nerd up her nose!!!! Then, as I am in the bathroom with her( screaming like there's no tomorrow) trying to flush her nose out with a Motrin syringe, I turn around a Clay has something in his mouth. It's the rubber tire off of his new tractor. Talk about excitement, I am ready for my up coming vacation at Margaret Mary.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Family

The only picture that is even close to being a family portrait !
Hopefully Chris will go for a family one when the new addition gets here.
After all that will complete our family!